The Vetrina line presents a wide range of solutions for displaying ready-to-wear clothing. The line offers a comprehensive choice of busts, torsos and stands made of different materials and finishes, which perfectly responds to the manifold needs of a retail store and its display window.

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Female display bust
Female display bust
Male display bust with wooden arms
Female display bust with wooden arms and head
Female short polystyrene display bust
Male / female metallized polypropylene bust form


The Elegance line busts stand out for the high quality materials and attention to details, making them both aesthetically refined and durable over time. Busts are robust but still easy to handle. The body is made of a polyurethane hardwearing foam which is resistant to accidental bumps and lightweight. The stretch fabric cover fits perfectly the smooth surface of the body.

Couture tailor busts come in various combinations of colours and finishes to meet all your visual merchandising needs. Lightweight polystyrene bodies are fitted with a removable shirt. Garments are pinnable to enhance their shapes and lines.

A new line of display figures featuring luxurious natural wood arms, fully adjustable, articulated arms, hands and fingers can be easily set into an array of distinctive poses. The polystyrene foam body is pinnable and covered in a non-removable tight fit polyester cloth. The tailor bust is complete with a sturdy wooden tripod or round base matching the arms finish.

Comfort display busts come in many combinations of colours and materials. The polystyrene foam body allows you to pin garments in place as you would for the Elegance line, thus reducing the budget with no compromise on quality.

Elegant and innovative Energy busts are available also in a modern gloss finish, they are the ideal alternative to mannequins. The hardwearing but still lightweight construction is the outcome of a strict visual and technical research. Energy display forms represent a versatile and contemporary solution to all your display needs.

A collection of sculptural body forms which enhance lingerie, sportswear and swimwear. Now available in many shapes and finishes.

Tubolar figures
A simple and essential line of products featuring a sturdy tubular steel in a chrome or durable paint finish. Display fugures can be easily assembled or taken apart for storage. A minimal but still effective solution for all your fashion needs.

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